The Longmeadow Cemetery was created by the Longmeadow Parish in 1718 and the first person buried was Experience Hale in 1719.  This database can be used to find specific individual burial records or sort records according to family name, burial date,  location, etc.  Included with this database are many photographs of individual gravestones as well as other family related and gravestone related information.  We hope to add more images to the database in the near future.

To locate a gravestone in the cemetery, you can use the cemetery lot map which is organized by lot owner. Be sure to read the section on location nomenclature.

New Gravesite Locator (work in progress)

  1. Under the section "Search for Loved Ones" enter the name of deceased (even just last name works)
  2. Search results should immediately appear below map.
  3. Toggle Google map to "Full Screen" to view the gravesite location more easily.

Please note: This tool is still under development and only more recent gravesites are included.


The oldest gravestone recorded in this database is for Mary Colton, age 83 who died on October 10, 1682.  This gravestone (with no remains) was moved from the old Pine Street cemetery in Springfield, MA to the Longmeadow Cemetery.

The full database (see Public Database) now contains records (4188) of all individuals buried in the Longmeadow Cemetery.  At the present time some individual records shown below in the Public Database are incomplete but additional information is being added daily.

If you that find a burial record is missing, incomplete or inaccurate, please send details to: so we can complete some research and make the necessary changes to the database.

Much of the old gravestone information compiled for this database (see the Pre-1860 Grave Stones) including photographs is the work of Al and Betsy McKee of Longmeadow, MA.  All of this information can be printed or exported using the utilities provided for public use.  If the information is used for something other than private use, credit and acknowledgement of the source would be greatly appreciated.

The List of Veterans view provides a list of 549 military veterans who have been buried in the Longmeadow Cemetery.  The records show John Gunn who died on 9/17/1726 as the first veteran to be buried in the cemetery. He was a quartermaster in the Militia and fought in the Colonial Wars.  If you know of a veteran who is buried in the Longmeadow Cemetery but not included in our list, please send details to: so we can make the necessary changes to the database.